Social Media: How CFS monitors you 

We all want to share our ups and downs in life on social media.  It’s a way for some people to feel like they aren’t alone. Everyone reads our posts -including CFS.

I decided to write about how CFS is monitoring our social media profiles.  If they haven’t seen your profile yet; they will.  I know for a fact that workers search for families on social media once a family becomes involved with an agency. I can’t stress it enough to be aware and careful of what you’re posting.  Anything and everything on your social media posts can be used against you. I would suggest just keeping your social media posts as professional as you can.  

Agencies aren’t the only one monitoring social media.  Possible or current employers look at our social media as well.  It is important that you remember that everything you post will be seen by anyone including CFS. 

You may have your social media profiles private from the public but that doesn’t mean anyone you don’t want to see your posts won’t.  Facebook for example; you like someone’s post than friends of that person will see your posts. 

I’ll reiterate it again…

Keep your social media profiles professional at all times. 


4 thoughts on “Social Media: How CFS monitors you 

  1. We have dispute with social worker they are treating with us abusive behaviour and made false report because I gave complaint against her and my social worker become more worse with us and yesterday she said I do not care if you want give a complaint you can do but I have lots of powers you cannot do anything but I can do lots.

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  2. My social workers shouted upon me and treats everytime bad behaviour and makes false report and every time challenges you cannot do anything I can do lots I have lots of powers I already gave complaint against her but nobody bothers. Where can I get justice and I want to change my social worker.

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